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An investment in Coor is an investment in a leading service company with stable growth, good profitability, healthy cash generation and a high dividend yield.

Financial information

Our financial information should be characterized by being open, relevant and accurate in order to increase awareness of the Group's activities and share. In this section you can follow our share price and find financial reports, presentations and other investor related information.

Our pledge to our investors

Coor strives to be the first choice for investors by combining a high dividend yield with a relatively low risk. Coor's efforts to secure the first choice standing involve working to maintain the company's strong position on a market with good growth, which is relatively unaffected by the general economic climate, to deliver stable profits and to keep capital tied up at a minimum, in tandem with a generous dividend policy. In order to sustain this work in the long term, certain other important components are required, including well-functioning corporate governance, transparent communication and the application of sound business practices.

Klas Elmberg, Coor

Klas Elmberg

CFO and IR Director

Nina Högstedt

CEO Executive Assistant